Landing gears




Forward landing gears

The Breguet 69x series were equipped with retractable gears. All along the life of the Breguets, their main problem has been the fragility of these gears, that tended to break when pilots were landing brutally (RTB'ing damaged for example).

After the first tests of Breguet 691, the Breguet 693 received more strong gears. But the problem persisted with the Breguet 695 too.


So as you can see on this picture, an engine (treuil) was pulling the cable to bend the gear.

Here is a factory plan:

A pic taken from the prototype's landing gear.

This pic of a crashed Breguet 691 gives us a better exterior view.

Distance between the two landing gears: 4.126 m

Size of the wheel: 800x280 mm

Course (path? This means the movement of amortissors): 0.320 mm


Tail landing gear

Size of the wheel: 420x180 mm

Course (path? This means the movement of amortissors): 0.082 m